You may be a landlord looking to clean your property before introducing new potential tenants, you may be expecting guests over the holidays and don’t have the time to get the house clean or you may be moving offices and want to have the new office cleaned before you start moving all your items. Whatever the reason, there are certain steps to take when it comes to choosing and hiring a one off cleaning service.

Interview Potential Cleaning Companies

It is imperative when looking for a one off cleaning service that you interview more than one company. Ideally, you should make contact with at least three companies. This will enable you to review each one and then compare them against each other, finding the one you feel is the best match based on your particular cleaning needs and requirements.

Always ensure any companies you interview for a one off cleaning solution have adequate insurance. This is so important. If you leave them cleaning your new offices before you start moving furniture in and then drop buckets on water on the carpets, forcing you to have to replace the carpets and delaying your office move, then you want to know that they have the right insurance in place to pay for the loss of income and the cost of replacing the carpets, eliminating the need to take this out of your own pocket.

Before you make any decisions decide what you need. You may need a company to come in one morning to clean your entire house before your guests arrive that evening or you may need a company to come in once, clean your office space from top to bottom, leaving it sparkling clean before your staff arrives in the morning. Whatever you need, identify your requirements first, this enables you to advise the company in advance, so they know your requirements and expectations of them.

Identify Prices *Important

Identify the price being charged. Price can be tricky and it’s important that you don’t base your decision on price alone. You will find some companies offer a flat fee and others will charge an hourly rate. Chances are that your property will not be cleaned in one or two hours, which means that paying a flat fee may be kinder and easier on your budget. It will help you know exactly what price you have to pay whether the cleaners are working for an hour or the entire day providing you with a quality one off cleaning service.

Compare Options

Compare all the one off cleaning options available to you. Each of the companies you interviewed will provide you with a quote. You have the ability to review each quote and then compare them against each other. This is also a good time to type the company name into your search engine and go through the reviews, this can help you find honest customer reviews from the past and current customers, helping you identify which of these companies will provide you with the best service and support that you can rely on and trust.

Ensure you ask the company about the chemicals they use. If you are choosing a one off cleaning service for your home and members of your family suffer from allergies or breathing disorders, you want to ensure the cleaning solutions used are not going to affect them moving forward. At the same time, you will also want to ensure that any chemicals used will not affect your pets in the home.

The final step in choosing a one off cleaning service is to find a company that guarantees their work. A company that stands behind their work is a sure bet that will provide you with reliable and high-quality services that you can use now and in the future.

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